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Home Care Agency
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Home Care Agency

Home Care Agency offers specialized services of workforce selection and placement  in a broad range of industries (e.g. construction, health care, hospitality and tourism) with an expertise on household, i.e. au-pair, elderly care, housekeeping.

Home Care Agency is that partner who will help you find the people you need for your home and family for the most reasonable price.

HCA was established by a working mother, who realized that busy families like hers are in need of home and personal care services tailored to such a busy lifestyle.

Myself a mother of one child, I instinctually feel what such families need and want from nannies, housekeepers and other caregivers. While you are at work or far from home, you should have peace of mind that your little one is in good hands. Finding the right person for this job though, could be a stressful and overwhelming process. Our mission is to ease your search.

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Child Care

You have a child and you need somebody to help you take care of your most precious?

Like any other parent, you want your child safe and taken care of by the most competent person.

Our purpose is to find the right nanny for your child so that your precious little one gets the best care. Her only goal is to create a safe and warm environment while educating and stimulating the child. Every home involves different responsibilities, depending on the family’s needs and desires and the child’s age and personality.

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Do you wish for a sparkling home without spending all your time cleaning?

The solution is to hire a housekeeper.

If you either wish a housekeeper occasionally, or one with a daily or weekely schedule, Home Care Agency will help you find a trustable and hard working person who will clean, iron, pay your bills, do groceries etc. It is so nice to come home after a hard working day and the house is spotless! All the needed comfort is suddenly there!

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Elderly and Patients Care

Provide a confortable retirement time to your dear family that brought you up!

Your parents or grandparents may come to a time when, because of old age or sickness, need more of your attention. But your busy schedule might not allow that! The best solution is to hire an experienced, dedicated person, who will provide all the necessary support.

HCA will help you find qualified nurses, medical assistants specialized in elderly care and experienced persons. 

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Our life gets busier every day, but we cannot entrust our children’s upbringing and education, our family members that are in need or even the daily housekeeping to people we know nothing about or we might choose randomly.

We know how difficult it is to hire somebody to work in your home. Apart from possessing all the necessary qualities that makes that somebody a good employee, the person must be trustable, thoughtful, discreet, healthy both in mind and body. He/she must also be able to adapt quickly to the conditions of your house and to communicate smoothly with the members of your family.

The Home Care Agency team is ready to offer professional services of selection and placement of home-personnel through its complex system of recruting, registration and psychological evaluation of candidates. We are the support you need in order to find the most suitable person in the shortest time.

Benefit from the services offered by a specialized agency, thus limiting any kind of risks to the safety of your family and home!
Our employees’ professional experience, along with our thorough interviews, psychological tests and the verification of refereces, bring up the best profile, tailored to your own needs.

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